About Us

Don’t pay more than you need for overseas supplies

The chances are, if you purchase products or supplies from overseas or local agents – you are paying too much and waiting too long for delivery. That’s because overseas suppliers usually appoint Agents who, in the absence of competition, are able to dictate terms and pricing at their own discretion.

We can help

Du Bray & Associates are the original internationally networked purchasing company represented in almost every continent. We can easily access the right supplier or manufacturer in their country of origin – avoiding the middle man and his exorbitant margin. This means real savings in both delivery time and dollars.

The benefits don’t stop there

A comprehensive network of worldwide associate companies enables us to act as a domestic client in the country of origin, obtaining competitive pricing and a more efficient service. In many cases, our associates will also be able to negotiate discounts or special competitive rates on your behalf. They ‘speak the language’ quite literally and can sidestep much of the unnecessary bureaucracy.

Not just cheaper but also faster and easier

It is really that easy, our quotation costs you nothing and there is no obligation to proceed. Better still, you can expect a written quote ( in Australian/New Zealand dollars ) which includes every aspect involved in purchasing your goods and their delivery – before you’ve decided whether or not you will place an order. Remember – The service is free – our small indent margin is already included in the quoted price which we will only receive should you place an order! It is in our interests to give you the best possible price!

Because we purchase the goods in their country of origin and arrange shipping details personally through our own air and sea freight companies you’re not reliant on structured transit schedules which might slow delivery.

No payment required until goods received

With both offices and a comprehensive network of associated companies worldwide, i.e. USA, United Kingdom, Europe, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand, Du Bray & Associates presents an extremely cost effective alternative to purchasing locally.