Glossary of Terminology

Most people involved in Purchasing are used to words that are not common in everyday conversation such as “Absorption Costing”. However, sometimes the true meaning of a word is not what you have been taught and you should consider that many of the jokes at the expense of the Irish are an abomination. This short extract from the Irish Medical Dictionary proves beyond doubt they are a much higher form of life:

  • Artery – the study of Paintings and Sculptures
  • Caesarean Section – Italian quarter acre building site
  • Cauterise – Make eye contact with female
  • Dilate – Live a long and useful life
  • Fibula – A small falsehood
  • Labour Pain – Work related injury
  • Nitrates – Cheaper than phoning during the day
  • Rectum – Nearly killed him
  • Terminal Illness – Feeling really sick at an airport

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